Multimedia Dance Shows

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Multimedia Dance Shows
Reasons to book this Video Dance Show
  • Multimedia creative and technology experts, artists, directors, dancers, designers, and engineers who create breathtaking multimedia dance shows

  • Video mapping dancers tell stories and bring immersive experiences to life

  • Blends projection, lighting, interactive solutions and special effects to create new forms of entertainment

  • Previous clients include: Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Panama Chanel, BNP Paribas and more

  • Based in Chicago, USA and Kyiv, Ukraine and available for worldwide bookings

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A team of multimedia creative and technology experts, artists, directors, dancers, designers and engineers who create breath taking multimedia dance shows that cross the realms of the physical and the digital to bring an immersive and surreal experience to audiences all over the world. Our video mapping dancers tell stories through projections as they weave in and out of reality and make believe with high octane routines, packed with emotion, drama and outstanding visuals. 

From live concerts to worldwide tours, corporate events, award shows, installations, theme parks, museums, trade shows, product launches and commercials, this impressive team of experts provide surreal entertainment pieces that are guaranteed to leave lasting impressions on guests of all ages. 

Blending projection, lighting, interactive solutions and special effects to create new forms of entertainment our video mapping shows challenge and create new entertainment concepts that astound and delight at every event. 

With interactive multimedia dance shows that feature intricate plots packed with action whether it be a two minute dance or 90 minute musical where performers interact with video content, lights, special effects and any other element that you desire. 

Our video mapping dancers and creative teams ensure that every show is filled with a special atmosphere that is tailored to each and every event making for an emotional impact that strikes a chord with every audience member.
For their interactive shows our specialists can use any surface, projection scrims, water screens, LED screens, front or rear projection screens and can even build a show without video content solely on the interaction of the performers with the lighting fixtures or kinetic installation.

Throughout their incredibly successful career, our video mapping show and performers have created custom made interactive shows all over the world, developing new technological tricks and director’s solutions. 

Our multimedia dance shows bring out of the box solutions to brands, companies and events looking to take the next step into the future of entertainment and audience engagement. 

To book our multimedia dance shows and video mapping dancers contact our Entertainment Specialists today.

BNP Paribas
Panama Chanel