Multilingual Caricaturist Spain

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Multilingual Caricaturist Spain
Reasons to book this Event Caricaturist
  • Quick on-the-spot caricaturist for weddings, conferences and parties

  • Custom templates available, personalised for each occasion/client

  • Draws caricatures on iPad which can be projected onto big screen

  • One of Europe's top Caricaturists as seen on Barcelona's Las Ramblas

  • Based in Barcelona and available to perform worldwide

Multilingual Caricaturist Spain photos

An immensely talented caricaturist and professional cartoonist, this Barcelona caricaturist can draw quality on-the-spot pictures for a range of events from corporate meetings and trade fairs to private parties and weddings. His very original caricatures are guaranteed to delight guests.

Our in-demand Multilingual Caricaturist Spain uses personalized templates specially designed for each occasion. Hugely experienced as a regular and digital caricaturist, this artist draws caricatures and cartoons regularly for international newspapers and magazines such as Private Eye, Punch, El Jueves, El Periódico etc as well as drawing cartoons live on TV. 

Available as a Digital Caricaturist, he can draw digital caricatures on a tablet which can be projected live onto a big screen then emailed directly to the client. He has often been hired as a digital caricaturist to present the latest digital products at numerous congresses. 

Top Tip:
The Barcelona caricaturist can also be booked as a Wine Caricaturist, a Fan Caricaturist, a Live Glass Artist and as an Artist For Mind Mapping. Check out other pages and find out more about the different services he can offer.

Our Multilingual Caricaturist Spain is English, based in Barcelona and available for bookings around the world. He speaks Spanish and Catalan fluently and French to a high level. Get in touch with our in-house team of Entertainment Experts if you would like to find out more about what he can do for you. 

Print publications/Press;
EVCJ Magazine
Directa Newspaper
AVUI Newspaper
Diari de la Pau Newspaper
Z Magazine
El País
El Economista
Diari de la Pau
Mundo de Revistas (La Vanguardia)
El Mundo Deportivo
Punch (RU)
The Progressive
Clamor Magazine 

Plaza y Janés
Ediciones B
Enciclopèdia Catalana
Martínez Roca
Quaderns Crema
Ariel, Icaria
Reino de Cordelia

Children’s book/magazine illustrations;
Vampires at Fang Castle
Father Christmas and the Children of the Desert
AVUI Newspaper supplement
Ermengol el Salat
Avui newspaper supplement
And many more...