Multicultural Orchestra

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Multicultural Orchestra
Reasons to book this Orchestra
  • World-class musicians mix cultures and sounds from the Mediterranean, North Africa and the Near East

  • An innovative musical project that also involves vocals and dancing

  • Original musical compositions are a combination of traditional musical collections and fresh sounds

  • Ideal entertainment option for theatres, festivals, exhibitions, corporate entertainment, etc.

  • This Multicultural Orchestra is based in Italy and available for worldwide bookings

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This group of world-class musicians brings together, on one stage, cultures and rhythms from the Mediterranean, North Africa and the Near East with this innovative musical project. This Multicultural Orchestra offers performances that pay tribute to traditional musical collections from ancient times and provide them with their own personal sound and style, creating original musical compositions that audiences at your event will love.

Directed and conducted by two experienced musicians and composers, this instrumental ensemble was initially born as a percussion group that played traditional instruments from North Africa and the Near East. After reaching success as a percussion ensemble, they decided to incorporate other instruments such as violins, guitars, trumpets, double bass and vocals.

These world-class musicians create original musical compositions that are strongly influenced by different cultures and traditions. Their repertoire includes folk songs they produced based on musical traditions from Greece, Albania, Italy and may other Mediterranean countries and regions. This is how this innovative musical project came into existence.

Our experienced multinational musicians’ diversity and rich sounds are their sign of identity. By mixing melodies and using instruments from different parts of the world, they make it possible for diverse sounds and rhythms to coexist, making Arab melodies blend with Brazilian and African sounds, among other creative mixes.

This wonderful instrumental ensemble will take audiences at your event into a journey through migration history, allowing listeners to experience how music and traditions change when different cultures meet.

Top Tip:

This instrumental ensemble’s performances also include vocals and dancing, which makes this innovative musical project a comprehensive musical experience.

As global entertainment experts, at Scarlett Entertainment we pride ourselves on providing orchestras and live musicians for events and occasions all over the world.

To book this phenomenal Multicultural Orchestra, don’t hesitate to contact us today and ask to speak to one of our Entertainment Experts. They will be more than happy to provide further details on this innovative musical project and guide you through the booking process.