Multi-Skilled Percussionist

Live Music And DJ,Drumming & Percussion
Multi-Skilled Percussionist
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Talented percussion player will provide incredible live music entertainment for your event

  • Multi-instrumentalist performs drumming show featuring handpan, tabla, cajon & more

  • Can offer performances as a soloist or as part of musical duo or trio

  • Drummer ideal for ceremonies, corporate functions, festivals, themed occasions, etc.

  • Percussionist available to hire for events in Savona and across Italy

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Certain to make an impact at your event, our brilliant percussion player provides exceptional live music entertainment that will wow audiences as he delivers a fascinating and dynamic drumming show complete with a variety of musical instruments. A professional drummer with a wealth of performance experience and an innovative style, our multi-skilled percussionist promises to leave your guests with lasting memories of the occasion, making it a one of a kind experience through his distinctive music.

Bringing energy, rhythm, and artistry to each performance, our multi-talented drummer puts on an incredible show every time he takes to the stage. As a multi-instrumentalist, our percussion player performs on a range of musical instruments from around the world, considering himself a collector of sounds and timbres from all countries and cultures. Able to provide a diverse and unique drumming show as a result of this, our percussionist will amaze guests at your event with his fantastic performance featuring the handpan, tabla, darbuka, cajon, snare drum, vibraphone, glockenspiel, udu, and even nuts, shells, bones, and more!

Taking audiences on a musical journey as he blends different styles and traditions together to create beautiful pieces, our professional percussionist is guaranteed to make your event unforgettable. Always looking for new and creative ways to make music, this award-winning drummer demonstrates enormous passion and professionalism with each performance, providing a unique experience for listeners through his use of unconventional tools and highly emotive melodies.

As well as performing as a soloist, our percussion player can also play in a musical duo alongside a female harpist. Exploring folk music from around the world, the beautiful combination of harp and drums creates a fantastic atmosphere through an original collection of sounds and rhythms. Also available as part of a musical trio, our drummer can perform alongside a mandolin player and guitarist as they take audiences through the different genres of music from classical through to present day.

Sure to make your special occasion stand out, our percussionist is ideal for providing live music entertainment at festivals, themed events, private parties, awards ceremonies, corporate events and more. This skilled musician is available to book for events in Savona and throughout Italy. For more information on hiring a drum show for your event, contact our entertainment specialists today.