Multi Layer 3D Illusion Artist

Art Based Entertainment,Street Artist & 3D Art
Multi Layer 3D Illusion Artist
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Professional 3D artist featuring years of art experience

  • Talented illustrator can create any 3D art piece imaginable

  • Incredible optical illusions provides an epic "wow" factor experience

  • Fun art act ideal for wedding receptions, corporate events, themed occasions, and more

  • Engaging experience available for booking throughout the Netherlands

Multi Layer 3D Illusion Artist videos

Multi Layer 3D Illusion Artist photos

Book our brilliant 3D artist and illustrator for your upcoming special event or social gathering, and watch as he transforms your event into a memorable and engaging experience that will challenge the minds of your guests. Fill your upcoming special occasion with fun filled optical illusions that are completely unique and customizable, as our wonderful 3D artist can create any 3D art piece from his home or studio, and on occasion can perform his enticing art act live, depending on just how high quality you would like your event's 3D piece.

Sure to spotlight your upcoming special occasion, our truly gifted 3D artist and illustrator will amaze and delight your guests with his own brand of optical illusionism, which is a new and fun filled way to view optical illusions, utilizing a combination of drawing and photography! By Stretching the boundaries of his art act, our fantastic illustrator has also invented what he calls a "multi layered illusion" which uses an assortment of white sheeted pieces of paper. A mesmerizing engaging experience that showcases interactivity between the photograph and art piece. 

Available for booking in a variety of different options, our talented and elaborate 3D artist prefers to work from his studio, but can make the occasional trip every now and then. Creating an instant buzz factor throughout your special event, our phenomenal illustrator will leave your guests mystified, puzzled, and filled with amazement. Offering his unique art act, our wonderful 3D artist will provide your special occasion with an epic "wow" factor experience! The perfect art act for private events, gala dinners, drink receptions, wedding receptions, corporate functions, and much more.

If you're interested in booking our phenomenal 3D artist and illustrator for your upcoming special occasion, contact one of our fantastic Scarlett Entertainment team members who'll guide you through our detailed booking process, as well as answer any of your questions in regards to our artist.