Multi Canvas Speed Painter

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Multi Canvas Speed Painter
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Incredible speed painter creates stunning works of art before your eyes in a creative and exciting act

  • Multi canvas speed painter uses up to four canvases simultaneously which come together to reveal one huge breath-taking masterpiece

  • Live event artist can create bespoke paintings and use ingenious UV paints to reveal a different picture under UV light

  • Live artist perfect for corporate events and festivals has been used by Porsche, Toyota, The United Bank For Africa and many more

  • Speed artist available for performances all over the world

Multi Canvas Speed Painter videos

Multi Canvas Speed Painter photos

Book this fantastic speed painter for a magnificent artistic performance to wow guests at your event. Our incredible live artist creates stunning works of art right in front of your guest’s eyes using multiple canvases to create a grand large scale masterpiece. This brilliant multi canvas speed painter will have audiences gripped as his quick fire painting skills create a magnificent painting while they watch.

Our live event artist can perform a range of exciting art based acts including bespoke paintings for events and companies as well as dazzling UV paintings for a unique and unforgettable spectacle. Book this incredible speed artist for a truly sensational painting performance that will be the highlight of any event.

This incredible live event artist is perfect for creating stunning masterpieces at corporate events, stage shows and festivals and is guaranteed to entertain and amaze audiences. Our fantastic speed painter has previously created bespoke artwork for Porsche, Toyota, the National Football League of Azerbaijan and the United Bank For Africa among many others.

This multi canvas speed painter will have audiences hooked as he works on up to four canvases simultaneously. Guests will be baffled trying to figure out what the final piece will be, and the moment when all the canvases finally come together to reveal the finished masterpiece will drop every jaw in the room. Our live artist can create bespoke artwork that tells your company story or paint from a photo he is given. Our speed artist can also offer stunning UV painting displays that light up under UV light to reveal a totally different picture on the same canvas.

Scarlett Entertainment features a great selection of speed painters to amaze audiences with their quick fire talents. 

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Azerbaijan America Alliance
National Football League of Azerbaijan
United Bank For Africa

"I would like to thank the team for the fantastic job you did at the the 2nd Annual Azerbaijan America Alliance Gala Dinner, Washington, D.C. It was a really impressive show!!! I think we will remember this event for all our life. I would highly recommend this act as they were very professional. Thank you very much."

Mr. Matthew Clapton, 2013