Mr Bean Tribute

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Mr Bean Tribute
Reasons to book this Mr Bean lookalike
  • Brilliant lookalike that has been hand-picked by Rowan Atkinson to act and perform as a body double

  • Hilarious Mr Bean tribute act brings the beloved TV and film character to life in side-splitting style

  • Mr Bean lookalike is a perfect match for the real thing right down to the look, voice, style and his teddy

  • Walkabout act for corporate events and exhibitions engages audiences with your products and ideas in attention grabbing style

  • The fantastic Mr Bean tribute is based in the UK available for events worldwide

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Book our hilarious Mr Bean tribute and bring this iconic TV and film character to life at your event, whatever it might be. This brilliant Mr Bean tribute act will liven up any event with his hilarious antics and unique persona. Guests will love the chance to interact with this legendary character and will be amazed at the accuracy of our Mr Bean lookalike’s portrayal. Our Mr Bean tribute act is guaranteed to cause quite a stir as he bumbles his way through your event, meeting and entertaining all of your guests and giving them plenty of opportunity for photos.

Our Mr Bean lookalike is a spot on match to the real deal. As a professional actor, he perfectly mimics the appearance, voice and mannerisms and everything right down to the famous teddy! This roaming performer is so good he has actually been hand-picked by Rowan Atkinson himself as a body double.

This brilliant Mr Bean tribute offers a huge range of services to give you the ultimate Mr Bean experience. For a fantastic meet and greet service to corporate events or exhibitions he will set up a “security stand” and proceed to search guests upon arrival in his typical idiotic style. For corporate events and product launches, he is the perfect way to get audiences engaged with your products and ideas as he delivers your key messages in his unique way. For weddings and parties, this roaming performer will make a big entrance accompanied by music and will perform a side-splitting comedy sketch before retreating to interact with your audience throughout the event.

Top Tip:
This performer is also available as a Johnny English Impersonator.

Whether you want a hilarious meet and greet service to give your guests a memorable first impression or a roaming performer to mingle with your guests throughout the night, our Mr Bean tribute act is the perfect way to experience this beloved character. Give your event a walkabout act that guests of any age and nationality will love with and contact our team to arrange booking this splendid Mr Bean lookalike. 

"I cannot overstate the impact Mr Bean brought to our Business Exhibition event, He delivered everything we asked for, and more."

Kim – Boleyn Events