Moving Shadows

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Moving Shadows
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Takes you into a mysterious shadow world of enchanting moving stories

  • Melt their bodies into things, animals, plants and back into humans

  • Rousing music underlines the magnificent adventure

  • Winner of TV show France Has Talent Season 7

  • Based in Cologne, Germany and available to perform worldwide

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The mysterious shadow theatre of human bodies carries its audiences off into another world. The highly-skilled performance artists melt their bodies into things, animals, plants and back into humans. Moving Shadows creates a never ending range of pictures invoking associations and emotions. Rousing music underlines the magnificent adventure.

The virtuosic play of forms and figures enchants its audiences with wonderful stories powerful pictures – from poetic and touching to funny and spectacular.

Sensational movement qualities and exceptional storytelling turn Moving Shadows into an unforgettable experience.

To book this mesmerising shadow performance, get in contact touch with our specialist team who will talk you through the booking process.