Motorcycle Stunt Show Japan

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Motorcycle Stunt Show Japan
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Invisible Wall of Death will see motorcycle stunt artists travel at high speed in circles

  • Contained space means precessions & accuracy is key to avoid serious collision

  • Motorcycle stunt show is one of a kind in the world & three time Guinness World Record holder

  • Stunt Act includes three motorcycle riders & is the ultimate daredevil show

  • Based in Japan & available to perform at events worldwide

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Watch in amazement as these daredevil stunt riders perform in the caged 'Invisible Wall of Death' for the ultimate in extreme entertainment. All three professional motorbike riders risk their lives performing the daredevil shows as they narrowly avoid collisions whilst contained within the the 'Wall of Death'. Moving at high-speed, the motorbike stunt artists must use precession and accuracy to avoid serious injury.

Performing at events all over the world, the daredevil shows are one of a kind. The only motorcycle stunt show in the world to be a three time Guinness World Record holder, the stunt display team use electric bikes, featuring LED lights to spin around the cage. Using an invisible mesh audiences can see directly into the cage and watch intently as the bikes are ridden up and down the wall, creating the appearance that the bikes are flying through the air and could at any minute collide into one another.

The three professional motorcycle stunt artists are highly experienced and train everyday to perfect this act. They have been training together for over 29 years, since the age of 7, and riding is their way of life. Currently they hold the Guinness World Record for doing a show with 6 riders and one girl in a Globe of Death of 4.25 meters diameter. 

The Invisible 'Wall of Death' is a metal mesh cage which has been designed especially for this act. The only one in the world to date, unlike traditional wooden walls you can see directly into the cage so spectators get the full view of the extreme stunt show on display. The wall is vertical in shape and the three riders will perform alongside each other whilst in the cage but also alone performing motocross stunt tricks. 

Perfect entertainment for sports events at half-time or as part of an adult circus entertainment show, the motorcycle stunt show is based in Japan and available to hire for events all over the world. Enquire today regarding the booking for this stunt show for your next event with Scarlett Entertainment.