Motorcycle High Wire Act

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Motorcycle High Wire Act
Reasons to book this motorbike stunt act
  • Performers defy gravity by perching proudly in the saddle of a motorbike suspended 50 feet above the ground on a thin metal wire!

  • Acrobats perform gravity-defying routines really high up in the air and keep audiences looking skywards in awe!

  • Stunt performers shift their bodies side-to-side whilst acrobats spin and twist below, hanging at times by a knee or one foot!

  • Ideal for open-air spaces, this stunt show is also perfect for festivals, family days, themed events, sporting celebrations, halftime shows, etc.

  • This Motorcycle High Wire Act is available for bookings in Germany and all across the world

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If you’re looking for the ultimate wow factor entertainment for your event or big celebration, then look no further. This Motorcycle High Wire Act is exactly what your event needs to stand out and get people talking!

Consisting of riding a motorcycle atop a high wire, this gravity-defying motorcycle acrobatic act is performed by a group of extremely skilled motorcycle stunt riders and acrobats. Shifting their bodies side-to-side whilst acrobatic spin and twist below, our incredible performers hang by a knee or one foot at times causing audiences hold their breath in awe. 

Loved by audiences of all ages, this fantastic show is a spectacular mix of flawless technique and superhuman bravery! Perching proudly in the saddle of a motorbike suspended 50 feet above the ground on a thin metal wire, our motorcycle stunt riders defy the laws of gravity with this mind-blowing  circus performance. 

Happy to customise their show by wearing different outfits and costumes, our performers can even adapt their motorcycle and transform it into any animal or any other creature!

Especially suitable for open-air celebrations, this sensational motorcycle act on a high wire is a popular choice for festivals, street celebrations, half-time shows and other outdoor events. This show can also be executed indoors in big venues such as stadiums, arenas, etc. 

Scarlett Entertainment offers a broad range of wow factor entertainment for events in Germany and worldwide. 

Enquire about this jaw-dropping Motorcycle High Wire Act by getting in touch with us today. Our in-house team of Entertainment Experts will be more than happy to answer all the questions you may have about this motorcycle acrobatic act and assist you with your booking.