Motorbike Arcade Game Simulator

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Motorbike Arcade Game Simulator
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Mind blowing immersive technology will bring the wow factor to your event.

  • Remarkable futuristic entertainment option to captivate both young and old guests.

  • Interactive event games featuring various racing courses, locations, and lifelike replicas.

  • Realistic arcade games include video projection rig ideal for corporate events, private parties, and more.

  • Sensational motorbike racing experience is available for booking across the Netherlands and worldwide.

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Book our fast paced motorbike arcade game simulator for an immersive technology experience guests will love, as they compete against friends and family for first place. Our interactive entertainment and futuristic entertainment option is a fun way to get guests energised and creating conversational talking points. Our state of the art arcade games video projection rig will help transport guests onto the streets of various courses as they fly through busy traffic and beach side properties. Interactive event games are perfect for a future themed party looking for great interactive simulating experiences that'll leave guests breathless from all the fun.

Our interactive entertainment motorbike arcade game simulator allows up to two players to enjoy the futuristic entertainment experience at a time, but with the help of our fast paced courses, guests shouldn't have to wait in line too long. Ready to captivate guests both young and old, our video projection rig completes itself with two high speed motorcycle replicas that'll truly give guests an almost authentic experience. Our arcade games will feel weighted like the real bikes, and guests will have to steer their way to the finish line by moving our simulator from side to side. Our motorbike arcade game simulator can be used without an approved operator.

The ideal futuristic entertainment option for a future themed party, corporate events, private parties, arcade experiences, festivals, and many more. Guests will create unforgettable memories with our interactive event games as our gaming experience is sure to provide your event with the wow factor you're looking for.

If you're interested in booking our remarkable and unbelievable immersive technology act for your upcoming special event or gathering, contact our fabulous Scarlett Entertainment event team members who'll be happy to answer any questions you might have about our simulating experience, as well as help guide you through our booking process.