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Motivational Speaker Richard
Reasons to book this motivational and inspirational speaker
  • One of the UK's top motivational and inspirational speakers

  • Delivered 1500 presentations over the last 6 yrs to worldwide audiences

  • Sunday Times No.1 Bestselling Author

  • Popular speaker for schools and communities

  • Based in the UK and available to speak at events worldwide

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Richard is one of the UK's top motivational speaker whose exceptional communication skills have helped thousands of people in the business, corporate, community and education worlds to change the way their people think and act. He is one of the busiest speakers in the UK, having delivered 1500 presentations over the last 6 years to audiences from Malaysia, Switzerland and South Africa, to groups ranging from school children to corporate business teams.

As a child age just 5, Richard lost his mother in the most horrific circumstances; his mother was the first victim of the notorious British serial killer nicknamed "The Yorkshire Ripper". A turbulent childhood and adolescence followed, but Richard was determined to use what life had thrown at him in a  positive way. Richard shared his experiences in a 'Just A Boy', which became the Sunday Times No1 Bestselling book, and has since written two further books, made numerous television appearances, and was honoured as an Olympic Torch bearer in his hometown of Leeds in 2012.

Richard has overcome a fear of talking in public, in order to share his story and message with others, advising his audiences on how to overcome huge challenges, take control and achieve more in their lives. He has emerged as a powerful and inspirational speaker, whose story resonates with people at every level.

For business and corporate clients, Richard presents on Change, Challenge and Leadership, focussing on key strategies which will give your team the fuel to make life-changing decisions and create a positive culture within your organisation.

Richard is also extremely popular as a school and community speaker. His presentations equip students and young people with techniques to take responsibility for themselves, turn negative situations into positive outcomes, and reach their potential… skills which every young person will find invaluable throughout their life.

Speaker Topics:

  • Motivation
  • Creating an 'iCan' Mindset
  • Leadership
  • Taking Responsibility
  • Handling Change Positively

Keyword Topics: Motivational > Leadership > Peak Performance > Resilience > Youth Speaker > Inspirational > Positivity

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“I can guarantee that after a presentation from Richard you will leave more determined to succeed in business and life than ever before. You will realise that you can overcome almost any obstacle which you face in business and life. His presentation is both motivational and inspirational, and I would recommend it to anybody in business.” 
Gary Lumby MBE, Head of Retail and Small Business Banking, Yorkshire Bank

“Spellbinding, Brilliant, Fantastic, Excellent, Richard was utterly superb..” These were some of the comments I received from my staff after hearing Richard speak at our annual conference. His ability to connect with the audience, having them laughing and crying in equal measure and inspiring them through his incredible life story was very impressive. Truly inspirational.”
Mark Jones Managing Director Wherry Housing Association 

“Richard was invited to speak at a conference entitled ‘HMP Hull -Beyond the walls’ - Reducing Re-offending Via Custody and Community Partnerships. “I required some powerful, thought provoking delivery in the conference to stimulate and motivate delegates in the afternoon period. Richard’s emotive talk ‘blew the audience away.'  It created the backbone for what has proved to be a successful conference, inspiring not only thought but also action. Richard skilfully combined his own personal story with the message of the conference, in a highly professional and well constructed manner. Richard proved himself to be a highly skilled orator, who captivates an audience, commanding a strong emotional and mental presence. Richards skills were also used to spread the conferences message via local media to good effect.” 
Head of Community and Business Engagement HMP Hull

"I am struggling to find words to express our appreciation for the immense contribution you have made to Barnardo’s by attending as guest speaker. As someone whose job requires him to regularly speak to audiences about the work of Barnardo’s you can take it from me that your  contribution was exceptional. Your personal experience and the honest and disarming way in which, with absolute frankness, you shared your own life’s difficulties was both moving and compelling. I have no hesitation in recommending you to anybody who might be considering an emotive speaker to attend one of their future events."
Andrew Nebel, Uk Director of Marketing & Communications of Barnardo’s.

"Having read both your books I would know the author had a story to tell, and while you shared your experiences very humbly, you shared your philosophies, your ideals, your winning principles very positively and effectively: Consequently for the audience very inspirationally. Many thanks, once again Richard, I look forward to welcoming you to future Combined conferences."
George Munro, Vice President/Divisional Manager Northern UK Division Combined Insurance

"Richard has a magical gift that grabs his audience by the collar and has them perched in anticipation on every word. He literally captivates the listeners and has them sitting on the edge of their seats wondering what is coming next. Few speakers have Richard’s unique  ability. His stories capture and appeal to all who listen as he takes them on a journey through highs and lows, laughing and crying and a fabulous heart-warming positive finale. As Organiser, Chairman and Managing Director of the Inspire Scotland event, I am delighted to say Richard’s presentation was the epitome of what I was trying to achieve."
Mike Berry, Inspire Scotland, Edinburgh

"Your motivational and moving story helped to show staff how they can inspire learners to improve their lives and aim for an incredible future. The workshops, Working Together to Make a Difference to Young People, were also a great opportunity for staff to discuss and reflect on what they are doing, the impact of their actions and how they can better understand and support the diverse needs of young people.  Furthermore, your workshops have supported staff to develop strategies that they, their teams and the College can implement to ensure that every young learner achieves whilst at Leeds Thomas Danby."
Ann Yasin, Professional Development Coordinator, Thomas Danby College, Leeds

"A truly outstanding speaker, a heartfelt story told from the heart, I hope it doesn’t become too polished as his presentation style is perfect the way it is!"
David Powell, JCI Leeds Business Events Director

"Richard, Thank you for attending the Leadership Event on the 1st July 2008 as a pre-dinner speaker.  I have event managed over a 150 events whilst working for the Improvement Foundation, and until hearing you speak at one of our events I had never seen a standing ovation."
Catherine Bentley, Events Co-Ordinator, Improvement Foundation

"Richard kept an audience listening intently throughout his entire presentation. He then got the longest applause in 7 years of putting on this event. Our guest from Head Office described his talk as compelling, our post-graduate award winner made a point of saying how much she enjoyed it, others said that it made the hairs on their arms stand on end, and that the more they thought about it, the greater the impact it had on them. We aim to give people a different experience to the usual “business social” event and we like to make them think. You helped us do both. Thank you for helping to make our evening a success."
Peter Hammond, Immediate Past Chair, Tees Valley Branch, CIPD

"How would a motivational speaker go down with a group of hard bitten, Pennine Yorkshire business owners? Our committee decided to take a chance and Richard delivered. The audience were silent throughout. The applause at the end was spontaneous and heartfelt. The comments afterwards were, without exception, complimentary. Thank you, Richard. Now go and inspire the rest of British business as you have inspired us. With the determination you have generated, we can’t lose."
Mike Goodman: Chairman, Federation of Small Businesses, Kirklees Branch

"Watching him connect with his audience is magical. He does this by being real, being authentic and by opening his heart to us, a true sign of strength. If you are booked to see Richard, climb aboard the rollercoaster and hang on tight. I can guarantee you will enjoy the ride!"
Amanda Wingfield Marketing and Events Manager, Leeds

"We were blown away by Richard’s speech!"
Claire Harder Royal Armouries, Leeds

"I was overwhelmed by your honesty and the simplicity of your presentation: nothing fancy. The slides complimented what you were saying perfectly. The way you stood and spoke without hiding behind anything. The white tower and the University was a perfect symbol of what might be and what eventually came to be it was a masterstroke. A great big thank-you for joining us and sharing your life with us."
Madge Mason, Regional Rep: West Midlands and North Wales Samaritans