Mirror Stilt Walkers

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Mirror Stilt Walkers
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Glittering silver mirror performers and gold mirror characters on stilts

  • Mirror stilt acts capture the attention wherever they go and are suitable for dark environments and also events under the sun

  • Mirror stilt acts create a fun and interactive atmosphere and offer a stunning photo opportunity

  • Popular walkabout entertainment option for festivals, nightclubs, corporate events, themed parties, shopping malls, parades, etc.

  • These Mirror Stilt Walkers are available for bookings in Serbia, across Europe and internationally

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Hire walkabout entertainment for your upcoming event and ensure it is a memorable occasion. These Mirror Stilt Walkers will transform any space with their spectacular costumes, real masterpieces that reflect light off of them and make it bounce into the crowd 

Fully interactive, these silver mirror performers and gold mirror characters are guaranteed to turn heads wherever they go with their shiny costumes and exceptional height. Perched atop stilts, our performers will roam around your venue interacting with your guests in a number of way, posing for photos, etc.

Visually stunning, these mirror characters will sure give people something to talk about. Loved by both children and adults, our stilt walkers always capture the attention of everyone around and are followed by the crowd as they offer a fantastic photo opportunity!

An unmissable feature for any event, these mirror stilt walkers are ideal for both dark environments and events under the sun. Bringing the WOW factor to events all across Europe, mirror characters on stilts is the go-to entertainment option to leave a lasting impression.

Available as silver mirror performers or gold mirror characters, our mirror stilt acts can be booked for a variety of events including festivals, corporate events, themed parties, shopping malls, parades, etc. Also suitable for nightclubs, our entertainers will reflect light and create spectacular light effects!

Top Tip:

Ground mirror characters also available for hire!

Scarlett Entertainment offers a broad range of mirror stilt acts in Serbia, across Europe and worldwide.

Hire walkabout entertainment for your upcoming event or special occasion by contacting us today. Our Entertainment Experts will be more than happy to answer all the questions you may have about this mirror stilt acts and guide you through the booking process.