Mirror Performers

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Mirror Performers
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Interactive mirror performers dazzle audiences with gorgeous costumes that create their very own light show

  • Our mirror dancers perform jaw dropping routines that are stunning to watch and that will provide the WOW factor at every event

  • These themed dancers are perfect for corporate events, nightclubs, after dinner entertainment and any occasion that wants an extra bit of sparkle

  • Shiny dancers pose, dance and interact with audience, bringing their glistening characters to life

  • Based in Orlando and available for worldwide bookings

Mirror Performers videos

Mirror Performers photos

Our amazing mirror performers produce WOW factor event entertainment that is overflowing with sparkle! Talented mirror dancers are the ultimate themed dancers as they create their very own light show from the event lighting.

An act that rebounds light in every direction is stunning to watch as our mirror dancers are covered from head to toe in mirrors that catch the light beautifully and brighten any room they walk into whilst turning every single head in the room.

Great for mix and mingle events and nightclubs where our mirror dancers can perform and roam around the audience, providing photo opportunities as well as an engaging character to add an extra dimension to any event.

This certainly is an act not to be missed and will guarantee a glamorous night filled with sparkle, shine and shimmering event entertainment. Our wonderful mirror dancers create a stunning light show as they roam around the room, dance on podiums, mix and mingle and perform show shopping routines that are bound to grab every single person in the rooms attention.

A beautiful act that is engaging, full of character and simply stunning to look at our mirror dancers are the ultimate themed dancers that are guaranteed to grab everyone’s attention and dazzle audiences as they dance the night away, lighting the room with their spectacular costumes that make light dance and dash all over the venue. 

To book our tremendous mirror dancers or for more information, contact our Entertainment Specialists