Mini Military Tank

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Military Tank
Reasons to book this Tank
  • A comedy military tank that boasts 200kg of non stop thrilling power that will stop your guests dead in their tracks

  • Crewed by our hilarious army duo, these soldiers will entertain your troops effortlessly

  • Perfect for military themes, classic car/motor themes, Steampunk, 1930s-40s, British and historical themes

  • Armed with silly props, sound system and a confetti cannon, this tank will inject fun at every event

  • Based in Bristol and available for worldwide events

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Weighing 200kg of non-stop thrilling power, this military tank will stop your guests dead in their tracks. Crewed by our comical British army soldiers, this pair just want to have fun! 

Armed with silly props and a sound system that comes with many funny sound effects this playful act is a guaranteed hit at all events. Not only does the tank come with props and sound systems but it even has a fully working confetti cannon to erupt at your event and shower your guests with colourful confetti.

This mechanical marvel really brings out the big guns at all occasions as the tank and soldiers drive around your venue, interacting with guests and posing for photos. A highly interactive act that is guaranteed to get people talking and make your event stand out from the rest, our hilarious duo is the ultimate entertainers for all occasions.

Perfect for many themes including; military, toys, classic car/motor, Steampunk, 1930s-40s, British and historical.

This wartime act boasts a cheeky and comical dynamic for any occasion looking to add a roaming element to their event that is highly interactive and playful. 

Top Tip:

The tank is 1m x 1m x 2m in size and can be performed in large indoor spaces and any outdoor area that is suitable to operate a mobility scooter. The tank drives well on tarmac, flat cut grass, rough ground if it is dry and gravel.

Whether you are shaking up your corporate event or planning a wartime themed party, this military tank act is the perfect addition to any occasion that desires authentically British entertainment.

To book our comedy military tank or for more information, contact our Entertainment Specialists today.