Midsummer Night’s Dream Act UK

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Midsummer Night’s Dream Act UK
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Visually appealing costumed performers will amaze guests of all ages.

  • Brilliant stilt walkers will delight and enchant, turning heads at your event.

  • Professional interactive entertainment brings fun filled experiences for your guests to enjoy.

  • Perfect themed act for parties, festivals, family days, gala dinners, themed events, etc.

  • Midsummer Night's Dream experience available for events throughout the UK.

Midsummer Night’s Dream Act UK photos

Fantastic and sensational interactive entertainment experience is what you will be treating your guests to when you bring our wonderful Midsummer Night's Dream themed act to your special event or social gathering. A fun and enchanting interactive entertainment experience filled with stilt walkers, aerial drink servers, and an assortment of other costumed performers that will keep your guests engaged and entertained. A fun mix and mingle act that will display visually appealing performers roaming throughout your venue delighting guests with unique photo opportunities and meet and greet experiences.

Our wonderful costumed performers will provide a handful of different experiences that centre around the beautiful world created by our Midsummer Night's Dream themed act. Bound to be an instant success, your guests will interact with our dazzling stilt walkers who will roam throughout your venue, our fantastic characters are draped with masterfully crafted costumes that truly bring the enchanting world to your event no matter the theme or event style. Keeping your guests engaged in conversation, our interactive entertainment experience is all about having a good and fun time, and those are the qualities you can expect from our exceptional performers.

Providing fun and visually appealing costumed performers, our exceptional stilt walkers and other mix and mingle characters will captivate your guests, turn heads, and leave your event with a fun filled "wow" factor quality that will keep your guests talking for months. Our unforgettable costumed performers are bound to provide an outstanding carefree, high energy, and sophisticated atmosphere that will keep your guests feeling light hearted and entertained. Filling your event with pure laughter and smiles, our interactive entertainment experience is the perfect option for private parties, festivals, family days, themed events, gala dinners, street performances, and more. 

If you're interested in booking our visually appealing and entertaining stilt walkers and costumed performers for your upcoming special event or social gathering, contact any of our sensational entertainment experts who will be more than happy to guide you through our booking process, as well as answer any questions you might have in regards to our themed act.