Midnight Blue Stilt Walkers

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Midnight Blue Stilt Walkers
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Brilliant stilt walkers will delight and amaze with instant success.

  • Professional costumed performers provide a rich midnight blue styled costume.

  • Guests of all ages will love our style of and brand of walkabout act.

  • Perfect interactive entertainment for parties, gala dinners, festivals, themed events, and more.

  • Exciting stilt act available for events across Germany and worldwide.

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Provide your guests with an awe inspiring interactive entertainment experience that is bound to become an instant success at your upcoming social gathering, our wonderful stilt walkers will deliver an outstanding walkabout act that will keep your guests laughing, smiling, and engaged in conversation. Our exceptional stilt act comes draped in a variety of different shades of blue to create a dazzling and visually pleasing walkabout character, that comes to life thanks to our beautiful costumed performers. Offering a host of different meet and greet experiences, our stilt walkers will not disappoint.

Full of grace, sophistication, and pure bliss, our wonderful stilt walkers and costumed performers are of the highest quality, and boast their wealth of experience that will help them take your event to the top. Providing your special event with a stunning atmosphere quality and interactive entertainment that will help your guests relax and enjoy our stilt act, our performers will stay busy turning heads, taking photos, and leaving your guests with memorable experiences. Our walkabout act experience is filled with wonderful moments that will help our costumed performers leave lasting impressions at your special occasion.

Creating unique and wonderful bespoke stilt entertainment, our costumed performers will amaze and delight your guests no matter their age, showcasing their amazing mix and mingle skills, providing your upcoming special event with a resounding "wow" factor element that will help your event become the conversation topic among your guests for weeks to come. A visually appealing spectacle, our phenomenal stilt walkers are bound to make a lasting impression, and is the perfect stilt walking option for private parties, family days, festivals, gala dinners, drink receptions, street performances, and a lot more.

If you're interested in booking our marvellous midnight blue stilt walkers for your upcoming special event, contact any of our helpful Scarlett Entertainment team members who will be certain to assist you with your booking needs, and answer any question you might have.