Messages To Space

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Messages To Space
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Send messages to space with our incredible balloon satellites, data mappers and video recorders

  • People are encouraged to write messages on ping pong balls which are flown out into space and recorded whilst they travel

  • A customisable interactive entertainment option, you can incorporate your branding into the message for an out of this world marketing opportunity

  • The ideal educational entertainment option for school events, company away days, exhibitions & product launches

  • Book this interactive act for events in Italy and internationally

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If you are of an inquisitive mindset, you are guaranteed to love this unique, interactive act. Making use of cutting edge technology, this amazing educational entertainment option gives guests the chance to launch their very own Messages To Space. Sending out stratospheric equipment, along with your messages, this team building activity offers participants the opportunity to see their handwritten messages projected out into the universe. Always recovering the equipment after it has been to space, our incredible act provides interactive entertainment that will unite families and school groups in excitement as they venture out into the world beyond themselves.

A truly special team building activity, it is impossible not to energised and inspired by the opportunity to see your very own message launched out into the stratosphere. Making use of video cameras, GPS equipment, data loggers and radio transmitters, a capsule is launched into space with a ginormous helium balloon and a tray of your very own messages written onto ping pong balls. Giving participants the chance to see the atmosphere of the earth, as well as watching something that they have created move up and away from earth, this interactive act provides unmatchable educational entertainment.

Not only a fantastic form of interactive entertainment for school parties and universities, this activity is also a profitable marketing opportunity because the equipment and ping pong balls can be branded, meaning that your company’s logo can be mapped and recorded as it is launched into the atmosphere. Offering participants an incredible memento of the occasion, the ping pong ball messages can be returned to their owners once they have returned to earth.

A totally out of this world activity loved by children and adults alike, prepare to see the earth from a whole new angle!

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