Medieval Themed Decor

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Game of Thrones Themed Decor
Reasons to book this Themed Event Decor
  • Realistic Medieval Themed Décor pieces, decorative house flags and other themed event props

  • Decorative pieces include medieval elements such as wooden structures and oxcarts, big barrels or straw bales

  • House family flags, banners are also available

  • Performers such as medieval musicians, jugglers, belly dancers and even wolfdogs can also be booked

  • Our Medieval Themed Décor pieces are available for hire in Girona, Catalonia and across Spain

Medieval Themed Decor photos

Bring the real essence of fantasy to your Medieval themed event by hiring our themed event props like the ones you can see above. From decorative house flags to sword statues, provide your occasion with realistic Medieval décor pieces and allow guests to experience several different worlds as authentically as possible – excluding the fatal outcomes though.

You can recreate a fantasy universe with our adequate themed event décor. Create a famous fantasy saga inspired by the Middle Ages, you can decorate your venue with some representative elements of that period such as wooden structures and oxcarts, big barrels or straw bales. At that time, jousting tournaments were the norm, so knight’s armours, shields and swords can also be a great addition to your themed event décor.

If a Seven Kingdoms’ knights tournament is taking place during your celebration, you may also consider hiring some house family flags and banners. Watch as your guests can queue to sit upon our event decor and feel they’re ruling the many kingdoms, even for a minute. Performers such as musicians, jugglers, belly dancers, soldiers, Medieval Walkabout Characters and even wolfdogs can also be booked.

Among the Medieval décor pieces available you can find:

  • Decorative house flags and banners
  • Wooden structures and oxcarts
  • Straw bales
  • Medieval armours
  • Shields and swords
  • Big barrels
  • Performers such as musicians, jugglers, belly dancers and even wolfdogs

If you’re hosting a Medieval themed event and you would like to hire some of these themed event props, then don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team of entertainment experts and make an enquiry. They will be happy to provide further information on these fantastic Medieval decorative elements and answer all the questions you may have.