Medieval Knight Tournament Show

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Medieval Knight Tournament Show
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Unforgettable knights tournament will amaze audiences with exciting duels and incredible tests of skill.

  • Ultimate medieval tournament featuring eight mounted knights, flame wielding soldiers and nefarious medieval characters.

  • Immerse your guests in this interactive medieval entertainment with an exciting storyline and roaming characters to mingle with your guests.

  • Stunning knights parade with beautiful, authentic armoured horses and banners for the perfect addition to any street festival or parade.

  • Brilliant knights show available for events throughout Spain.

Medieval Knight Tournament Show videos

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Our spectacular medieval knight show brings all the spectacle and exhilarating horseback action of a medieval knights tournament to your event. This incredible medieval tournament is the ultimate choice for parades, events and festivals of any size. This medieval entertainment extravaganza features incredible jousting and impressive feats of skill from horseback knights clad in authentic medieval armour. Our breathtaking knights tournament features incredible stunts and choreographed fight scenes as well as an exciting and suspenseful storyline to make audiences feel like they’re watching a live film. This incredible medieval entertainment is the perfect choice for historical fairs and festivals, and also offers a stunning knights parade with beautiful horses and banners for a striking addition to any parade.

This knights tournament offers a range of entertainment and shows to suit any event. Get the full medieval tournament experience with eight mounted knights competing in tests of skill and nail biting jousting duels. Warriors on foot are also available to do battle with swords and fire-spinning weaponry for an eye-catching spectacle. Nothing compares to the thrill of seeing our horses and warrior galloping at full speed and our professional riders are trained in the full range of daring stunts and tricks.

Whilst your guests are enjoying the thrills of the knight show a whole host of medieval characters will mingle with the crowd and interact with them for a fully immersive day of medieval entertainment. Brilliant medieval characters like the hilarious buffoon and the grim executioner will interact with your audience all day to make them feel like part of the show. For a brilliant climax to your street festival or parade our knights will unfurl their flags and banners for a triumphant knights parade to bring an elegant centrepiece to your event. This medieval tournament is the ultimate choice for bringing the excitement of medieval combat to your event.

Scarlett Entertainment offers you a fantastic range of medieval entertainment. Contact our knowledgeable team today to arrange booking one of our sensational acts for your event.