Medieval Folk Ensemble

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Medieval Folk Ensemble
Reasons to book this Live Event Band
  • Historic live event band creates an atmosphere of mysterious sensuality, romance and bittersweet melancholy

  • Lyrics and historical instruments take inspiration from Greek mythology, Gothic literature and pagan themes

  • Music features historical instruments such as medieval flute, hammer dulcimer and Appalachian dulcimer!

  • Set comprises of originally composed pieces as well as versions of classic masterpieces such as ‘Ave Maria’ by Caccini

  • Our classic musicians are based in Chieti, Italy and available for bookings worldwide

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A talented and dedicated collective with years of experience composing, recording and performing baroque, medieval, and celtic music, this Medieval Folk Ensemble plays beautifully composed pieces. 

Inspired by a wonderful combination of Greek mythology, gothic literature and pagan themes, our live event band spins lyrical tales of travellers and dreamers, ancient times, struggle and romanticism. The resulting finish is an enchanting atmosphere of mysterious sensuality, romance and bittersweet melancholy, influenced by both classical and contemporary genres.

Perfect for both classical performances and themed entertainment, our talented classic musicians perform with a diverse range of ancient techniques and historical instruments. Bringing an ancient sound back from the past, this medieval folk ensemble expertly handle forgotten historical instruments such as the Medieval Flute, Bardic Harp, Baglama Saz, Hammer Dulcimer, and Appalachian Dulcimer among others. Layered with these ancient sounds, audiences will hear melodious violin, cello, percussion and acoustic guitar for an unforgettable experience. 

These beautifully crafted instruments, along with our classic musicians robed in authentic period dress, create a folkloric centrepiece that will set the tone for any special event in need of themed entertainment. A winding of ivy and greenery festooned across stands and stage completes the magical look. 

With four albums available, many of our Medieval Folk Ensemble’s pieces are composed by the musicians themselves. Lyrics take inspiration from the group’s fascination with the ancient past, nature, myth and inspirational characters from classic literature. Listeners will on occasion catch passages from literature and poetry by other authors, and pick up on references to Pre-Raphaelitism. 

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To find out more about these talented classic musicians, contact our team of Entertainment Experts who will be more than happy to help with your enquiry.