Mechanical Umbrella Tree

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Mechanical Umbrella Tree
Reasons to book this Art Installation
  • An absurd botanical sculpture designed to bemuse, baffle, delight and amuse audiences of all ages

  • A Mechanical Umbrella Tree that consists of a central tower structure topped with mechanically operated umbrellas, lights and smoke machine

  • Bespoke control system that utilises node red and raspberry pi technologies

  • Highly interactive event entertainment that has an artistic edge

  • Based in London and available for worldwide bookings

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The magical Mechanical Umbrella Tree is an inspiring installation that will captivate your guests in fairytale world. It is a wonderful addition to festivals, steampunk events and any occasion requiring a little spark of the imaginary. 

The installation is a botanical mechanical contraption designed to bemuse, baffle, delight and amuse audiences of all ages. It can be found at an event singing to itself and dancing its strange mechanical ballet. The four metre high structure weaves a creaky choreography of mechanically operated umbrellas, lights and smoke.

A durational installation that is capable of running for hours at a time, this botanical sculpture makes for a head turning centre piece and feature at all events with its whimsical appeal and unique appearance.

The Mechanical Umbrella Tree has a bespoke control system that utilises node red and raspberry pi technologies providing the potential for multiple options for activation and interaction.

Commissioned by Kendal Calling and Walk the Plank for Lost Eden the Mechanical Umbrella Tree financially supported by Arts Council England. Its first outing was at the Lost Eden area of Kendal Calling Festival where audiences of all ages were totally amazed. 

Top Tip:

This unique art sculpture makes for the ultimate focal point at a range of events from festivals to corporate functions, brand launches, PR stunts and outdoor celebrations.

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To book our Mechanical Umbrella Tree or for more information about this botanical sculpture, contact our Entertainment Specialists today.