Mechanical Copper Steam Robot

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Mechanical Copper Steam Robot
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Our other worldly mechanical robot may seem strange to an outsider but is really very kind

  • Emitting real steam & guiding visitors with his miner’s lamp, this copper robot is a truly unique act

  • Robotic walkabout act features a striking costume made of real copper, wood & leather

  • Our mechanical robot is ideal for steampunk & vintage themed festivals, corporate events & parties

  • Based in Berlin & available to perform at events worldwide

Mechanical Copper Steam Robot photos

A never-before-seen steampunk walkabout act, our mechanical robot comes to your event from a futuristic world in which automatons work as miners. 

With glowing copper eyes, steam filled facial pipes and a miner's lamp, this unique roaming artist's costume is fashioned from real leather, copper and wood. Using his lamp to guide guests through your event, our interactive robot act can meet and greet attendees, pose for photos and lead people from one function room to another. 

The perfect walkaround character for steampunk themed events, futuristic corporate functions, festivals and any other occasion looking for a stylised roving acts. Though our mechanical robot may appear scary, he is in fact really very friendly and will love making friends with your guests! For more information about hiring this themed walkabout character for your event, speak to our entertainment coordinators at Scarlett Entertainment UK today.

Top Tip!
Though our copper steam robot is from the future, his steampunk style makes him suitable for vintage themed events too - what's not to love?