Matador Dance Show

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Matador Dance Show
Reasons to book this Act
  • Thrilling Matador dance show will captivate audiences with incredible dance moves and stunning costumes

  • Authentic Spanish dance recreates the excitement and drama of a traditional bullfight

  • Matador dance creates a glamorous and dramatic spectacle perfect for dinner parties, awards ceremonies, corporate events and much more

  • Acclaimed ballroom dancers have performed at major events for Vida Hotels and Resorts, Dalma Mall, Dubai College and many more

  • Fantastic dance show available for performances in the UK and worldwide

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Book this fantastic matador dance show for a dramatic and thrilling dance act that will amaze guests at any performance. This fantastic Matador dance brings all the excitement, passion and drama of a traditional Spanish bullfight to life in an elegant and unique dance. Our amazing ballroom dancers perform a dazzling routine set to rousing Spanish music that will make an eye catching display at any event.

Guests will be captivated by the graceful and intricate movements in this traditional Spanish dance and our dancer’s fabulous costumes and passionate performances are perfect for making a stunning set piece performance at a range of events. Book this incredible and original dance show and give your guests a scintillating dance spectacle with an exotic Spanish twist.

This incredible matador dance show is based around the traditional paso doble dance popular in Spain and with Latin and ballroom dancers worldwide. In this unique dance show our male performer takes on the role of a daring matador while the female dancer acts as the bull, complete with glittering bull mask and eye catching horns. Our matador dance duo circle and dance around each other in an intense and spellbinding routine full of dramatic flourishes and intricate choreography. Our ballroom dancers create a striking routine and their brilliant costumes and authentic matador cape will perfectly capture the spirit and style of a real bullfight.

This Spanish dance is perfect for themed nights and occasions and is hugely popular with international audiences. This classy and cultured dance show looks great when performed at high and dinner parties, award ceremonies, cabaret nights and corporate events. 

Scarlett Entertainment offers you a huge selection of themed dancers in styles and themed from around the world, from classical and ballroom to street dance and oriental.

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