Martial Arts Magic Show

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Martial Arts Magic Show
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Sensational martial arts magic show will amaze and astonish audiences of all ages

  • Incredible martial arts magician combines jaw dropping illusions with heart-stopping martial arts

  • Features traditional oriental magic, dramatic escape acts, frantic sword fighting and even a colourful Chinese dragon

  • Unmissable magic stage show debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2016 to rave reviews

  • Mind-blowing magician and magic show available for performances worldwide

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Book this stunning martial arts magic show for a stunning and highly original show that will blow audiences away. Our breath taking magic stage show combines grand magical illusions and tricks with the drama and action of a martial arts performance to create something unique and totally gripping.

Our accomplished martial arts magician delivers a high octane show inspired by martial arts and traditional Chinese theatre that’s full of visual flair and dramatic action alongside the traditional magic tricks. Audiences are raving about this one of a kind martial arts show that’s sure to mesmerise crowds of any age with its mix of swords, sorcery and suspense. Book this incredible magician to give your audiences an unforgettable show.

This incredible martial arts magic show debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2016 to rave reviews. Our acclaimed martial arts magician delivers a thrilling and adventurous show where cutting edge magic and illusions meet mystical characters and heard pounding martial arts displays. This sensational martial arts show features everything from magical disappearances, escape acts and transportations to traditional oriental magic, sword fights and even an enchanting Chinese dragon.

This intense and dramatic magic stage show is great for children and adults alike who will be drawn into the mystical world of dragons, monsters and spells this incredible martial arts show creates. Featuring high impact acts like lethal playing card throwing and exhilarating martial arts fights, this show will have audiences on the edge of their seats. Our magician has sixteen years performing experience and this new, vibrant show is perfect for events, festivals, cabaret nights and shows of all kinds.

 Scarlett Entertainment offers you a fantastic range of magic stage shows and martial arts show to amaze and entertain at events worldwide. 

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"There's no shortage of “how did they do that?” moments in this magic show. Playing cards “spear” balloons and slice through other playing cards and if one cast member goes into a crate that’s promptly locked, you can be sure that a different cast member will emerge from it shortly afterwards. It’s the classic illusion set pieces fine-tuned and updated and brought into the rock ‘n’ roll amphitheatre with rather bombastic musical accompaniment but these routines still appeal – it appears from this experience - across the generations."

Herald Scotland