Male Harmonica Player

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Male Harmonica Player
Reasons to book this ACT
  • From humble beginnings our harmonica performer achieved the “impossible” with a #1 in the German, Austrian & Swiss album charts

  • Winner of TV show ‘Super Talent’, this artist was recognised as one of the leading German musicians today

  • Performing a wide range of melodies, both original & covers, our unique musician provides beautiful event entertainment

  • Performing at church concerts, weddings, festivals & more, our folk musician will bring a special touch to your event

  • Book Male Harmonica Player for your event in Germany or internationally

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Scarlett Entertainment is a top booking agency, sourcing the best acts from all over the world. Considered the greatest harmonica performer in Germany, Male Harmonica Player is a skilled folk musician. Fighting all odds, our German musician found his way into the spotlight by winning TV show ‘Super Talent’. An utterly unique musician, he proves that no amount of hurdles can hold a person back. Both a superb musician and an inspiring person, guests are sure to be charmed by this touching act.

From a humble start in life, our folk musician found his love for the harmonica at just 8 years old. Taking up driving as a job in adult life, our artist got into a serious car accident in 1991, which almost cost his life. Waking from a coma after 2 months, he was blind in one eye and partly paralyzed. Unable to work, he took up busking with his harmonica, and it is from here that his dreams started to come true.

Entering the TV show, ‘Super Talent’, our German musician won the public and judges’ hearts and came first with his beautiful act. Rising to huge success in no time at all, our harmonica performer then released his debut album, which reached #1 in the German, Swiss and Austrian album charts. Releasing more albums, our folk musician has now received gold and platinum awards, as well as a number of ECHO nominations. 

Both a skilled artist and moving person, our musician is in high demand to play at events worldwide. Supplying full shows or a mix and mingle act, each of our unique musician’s tunes is heart-felt. An expressive artist, Male Harmonica Player is often booked for TV, weddings, concerts and more. Bringin guests to tears with his stunning shows, expect something truly special. To learn more about booking him for your event, please speak to our team at Scarlett Entertainment today.

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