Malaysian LED Show

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Malaysian LED Show
Reasons to book this LED Show
  • Incredible and versatile LED performance ready to WOW the audience

  • Includes multiple LED props, music and glow poi

  • Excellent after dinner show and impactful for product launches

  • Have been booked in Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Maldives, Taiwan, UAE, US and the UK

  • Based in Malaysia and available internationally

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Amaze your audience with the assault of an electrifying LED glow show from a collective of outstanding circus performers and give them a unique experience they will not forget. The mesmerising LED show is a visually inspiring and captivating act that will stop and audience dead in its tracks. If you’re looking to make an impact at your next event or pull in a crowd for a product launch, the Malaysian LED show is exactly what you need. It makes for an incredibly memorable after dinner experience or a very impactful product launch. It's glow show or no show.

Made up of some of Malaysia’s best and highly trained circus performers, the variety glow show features a diverse collection of LED props intertwined with a choreographed, contemporary routine and stage act. It is the perfect head turner and in many cases offers the spectator something they have never seen before. The talented LED poi artists are exceptionally good to use for product launches. The colourful props can be customised to feature logos and branding amongst their colourful displays. 

The crowd pleasing LED show is incredibly versatile and very customisable too. The glow show usually includes four circus performers but you can add more to increase the impact or add more diversity. You may pick and chose the types of LED and glow poi props you want and the team will be more than willing to customise the glow show for you, even as far as tailoring a new choreography especially for your event. 

If you really want to impress the guests at your event don’t hesitate in contacting one of our dedicated team of professionals at Scarlett Entertainment who will be more than happy to assist you in booking this LED show!

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