Magical Box Ballerina

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Magical Box Ballerina
Reasons to book this ballet show for kids
  • Endearing ballet show for kids tells a tender love story between a kind-hearted soldier and a ballerina doll

  • Captivating children’s ballet show blends live music, ballet and story-telling

  • Loved by people of all ages, this stage production keeps both little ones and adults engaged and entertained

  • Perfect children’s stage show for shopping malls, festivals, family days, Christmas markets, etc.

  • This Magical Box Ballerina show is available for bookings across the UK and worldwide

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Let little ones imagination wandering and help adults rediscover magic with this endearing Magical Box Ballerina show, a tender love story narrated through live music, ballet and story-telling. 

A Magical Ballet Show for Kids 

Bringing different elements together into one stage, this children’s stage show tells the story of a magical ballerina doll who is provided with magical powers by a toy maker. 

Determined to create the most beautiful doll, the toy maker provides its ballerina with silly porcelain skin, rosy cheeks and a captivating personality. Aware of its beauty and power, he decides to keep her locked inside a box and shut his toy store forever. 

Guarded by a kind-hearted soldier, unusual things start to happen inside the toy store: as night arrives, toys come to live! Stunned by this, the soldier joins them and discovers the mysterious box.

Live Music, Ballet, Storytelling and More!

The soldier’s curiosity leads him to open the box and discover the beautiful ballerina doll inside. Captivated by her beauty and magic, the soldier falls in love. As both develop feelings for each other, a fairy godmother grants the soldier a wish and transforms the doll into a real ballerina, allowing them to be together and live happily ever after. 

One of people’s favourite children and family shows, this ballet show for kids blends live covers of famous pop songs, ballet and story-telling. Loved by both children and their parents, this enchanting children’s ballet show is guaranteed to keep the whole family engaged and entertained!

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