Living Gallery Dance Show

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Living Gallery Dance Show
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Eye-catching and unique, each performer wears extraordinary costumes

  • Themes include Andy Warhol to Jean Dubuffet and Salvador Dali

  • Leave a lasting impression with this innovative artistic experience

  • Interactive living paintings that actually ‘speak’ to the audience

  • Based in Austria and available to perform at events worldwide

Living Gallery Dance Show videos

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Surprise your guests and leave a lasting impression with this innovative artistic experience. This interactive living art gallery is full of various ‘living paintings’ that actually ‘speak’ to the audience by their professional dance skills.

From characters dressed as Andy Warhol’s pop art to Jean Dubuffet’s famous French paintings and Salavador Dali’s iconic surrealist artwork; this is a fascinating and highly unique show!

Suitable for any type of special events in galleries, museums, fairs, arts and theatre festivals, award ceremonies or as an highlight for gala events or lounges.