Live Sand Animation

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Live Sand Animation
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Amazing sand artist will create stunning artwork before your eyes

  • Breath taking sand animation creates elegant works of art that change and transform to tell evocative stories

  • Huge selection of themes and sand story ideas available to suit weddings, special occasions and events of all kinds

  • Tell a personalised love story in the sand for your wedding day or reveal your corporate branding in elegant style with this brilliant sand art

  • Talented and professional live event artist available for events worldwide

Live Sand Animation videos

Live Sand Animation photos

Book our magnificent sand artist and prepare to be amazed as she creates beautiful and evocative art right before your eyes. Our sand animation artist creates stunning works of art using sand like a painting canvas so that each brush and stroke of her hands and fingers reveals a new portrait or landscape. Guests will be captivated as our sand story unfolds, with sand art each masterpiece evolving and changing to tell a magical story that will definitely spark the imagination of your guests.

With a huge selection of stories and themes available, this live event artist is the perfect choice for events of all kinds including weddings, special occasions, themed entertainment nights and corporate functions. For a breath taking and enchanting sand art performance at your event book our talented sand artist and let your imagination flow. 

Our brilliant sand artist tells her incredible stories by projecting her and table onto a screen so that every intimate detail of her sand art can be seen throughout your event. This timeless and beautiful art form is quickly becoming one of the most popular acts in the event business and is the perfect alternative to typical presentation styles your guests will have seen thousands of times before. Our brilliant sand animation offers something fresh and different thanks to its unique and visually appealing medium and endless range of possible stories and ideas.

From romantic tales perfect for adding a special touch to weddings to exotic tales of faraway lands and or themed performances set to music, this vibrant and elegant live event artist can match any event or occasion. Our sand story teller can even work with you to create a personalised story or incorporate your company branding into a personal and unique message.  

Scarlett Entertainment offers you a great selection of art based entertainment, from sand artists to live food sculptors.

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