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Sway Poles
Reasons to book this sway pole perofmance
  • Swooning sway pole characters bend to impossible angles

  • Las Vegas sway poles tell a love story in the air with messages of love, freedom, loneliness and joy all being played out from above

  • Swaying back and forth these enchanting performers come together and apart as they spin, bow and virtually bend over backwards

  • Stunning displays of aerial acrobatics can be fully customised to suit the event and theme

  • Based in Las Vegas, USA and available for worldwide bookings

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These swooning sway poles take audiences on a journey as they tell a story of love through the air. With courtship and discovery, broken hearts and bending poles to impossible angles these Las Vegas sway poles play out messages of love, freedom, loneliness and joy from above.

A theatrical performance that not only looks stunning and creates an ambience but also tells a story through movement and gestures, our whimsical characters are a guaranteed hit at every event as they sway back and forth in a visually captivating dance that is unique and enchanting.

Watch as our performers come together and apart as they spin, bow and virtually bend over backward in their absorbing and wonderfully perplexing presentation that will leave the audience breathless. 

A fully customisable performance that can be tailored to suit all events and all colour schemes and themes, our sway pole characters have previously dressed up as Dr. Seuse characters, whimsical white characters, glamorous ladies and more making for an enchanting and magical element at every event. Whether you are hosting a corporate event, wedding, gala dinner, cocktail hour, street parade or festival, these aerial performers are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on every guest and audience member as they sway back and forth whilst interacting with the crowd.

Top Tip:

Performing outstanding feats of aerial acrobatics our Las Vegas sway poles can reach a height of 15 feet, making for a great focal point at every event.

To book our Sway Poles or for more information, contact our Entertainment Specialists today.