Live Event Marble Artist

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Live Event Marble Artist
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Live event artist WOWs audiences with his beautiful Turkish fine art and marble art displays

  • An art show that is extremely therapeutic to watch and fascinating to see how our artist creates his artwork

  • Stunning artwork that audiences can purchase and take home with them to keep forever

  • An art show that is interactive, engaging and stunning to watch

  • Based in Oregon and available for worldwide bookings

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Book our talented live event artist for beautiful Turkish fine art and marble art displays right in front of your very eyes. An art show that is therapeutic to watch and fascinating to see how our artist creates his marble artwork is a hit with all audiences.

An artist that uses diverse techniques of Ebru art, an art form that comes from traditional Turkish fine art that is honoured and collected around the world. Otherwise known as paper marbelling Ebru is the process of part painting and part mono-printing.

During his art shows our marble artist uses thickened water to place paint onto and then works the paint colours through the water with a stylus, comb and other methods to create a beautiful piece of marble art that is extremely therapeutic to watch unfold as the artist glides his comb through the water creating intricate shapes and colours as he does so. 

Our live event artist is great at events as the audiences can stand and watch his creativity unfold as he weaves through the water with his paint and comb, creating stunning art that everyone can feel a part of. Our artist also sells his paintings so if guests are amazed by his art show, they can take home a piece of marble art that has been created by our artist to keep forever.

An artist who studied under a traditional Ebru master has learned the balance between his movements and the natural flow of the aqueous surface in which he works on.  Our live event artist strives to integrate his marble art with the astounding science from Dr. Emotto by dedicating maximum attention to detail throughout every step of the process.

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