Live Escape Game Paris

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Live Escape Game Paris
Reasons to book this Activity
  • Treat your party to a thrilling adventure and fun group challenge with our real-life escape room adventure

  • We propose a completely immersive game, presenting the ideal team building activity for your team incentive trip

  • A logical mind and communication between participants will be crucial for your group to solve puzzles and accomplish their missions

  • One team, one mission, one hour - allow your group to join forces with our exciting escape room experience

  • Your group will have the opportunity to choose between different thematic scenarios, presented a fun-filled fantasy team activity

Live Escape Game Paris photos

Invite your guests to embark on an interactive exercise like no other with our Live Escape Game Paris! We present our escape room adventure as a unique team building activity and fun group challenge for your team incentive trip, offering the ideal solution for your customised entertainment in Paris. 

A real-life escape game with a unique concept and strong theme, offering a thrilling adventure for your corporate group to immerse themselves in, full of real scenarios and unparalleled challenges. 

Our Live Escape Game Paris has a real-life ‘escape-the-room’ concept that will offer your party an exciting adventure and fun group challenge. We propose a completely immersive game, with teams of between 2-12, depending on the venue, working together to try and break out. Participants will be given 60 minutes to solve the puzzles and accomplish their missions, presenting the perfect team building activity for your team incentive trip. 

Groups will be trapped in a succession of rooms that they must break out of. A logical mind and communication between participants will be crucial to enable players to escape from the room and progress in their mission. 

One team, one mission, one hour! Allow your group to join forces with our exciting escape room experience. Several missions will be proposed and participants will be offered a choice of different thematic scenarios that are designed as detective movies, in which the players are the main actors. Created by our innovative team, they are inspired by movie genres such as science fiction, adventure, action and fantasy with games ranging form Space Adventure and Walking Dead to Prison Break and Mission Impossible!

We specifically cater for corporate organisations looking for a new and effective way to promote team working in an original environment, additionally offering exclusive areas for meetings and cocktail receptions. We can offer customisation to your escape challenge, working closely to your specific brief to achieve your perfect tailored company event with the possibility of adapting the concept to any type of venue space. Different game formats can be designed and personalised depending on your specific requests.

Our intuitively developed Live Escape Game will deliver your team the rare opportunity to experience an exciting and challenging activity, a chance to test skills at working together towards one unified goal. The perfect solution to your group entertainment, offering corporate incentive ideas and fun team activity days for your corporate hospitality in Paris. 

Practical Tips 

  • Duration - 1 hour

Maximum persons:

  • Paris la Defense - 3-12 players per group, 80 at the same time

Games including:

  • Magic School
  • Space Adventure
  • Prison Break 
  • Jurassic Room 
  • Paris 9 - 3-6 players per group, 25 at the same time 

Games including:

  • Mission Impossible 
  • Walking Dead 
  • Lost
  • Each location has a reception for cocktail parties or corporate events from 25 - 300 people depending on the venue
  • Each experience can be booked as a standard or as a premium version
  • Standard version includes:
  • Game session, debriefing, team building, schedule flexibility 

Premium version includes:

  • Game session, debriefing, team building, 
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Immersive email 48h prior to the event
  • Welcome drinks on arrival 
  • Awards for the winning team 
  • Customisation available on request with an option for privatisation for corporate events 

Contact us at Scarlett today to talk about booking our Live Escape Game Paris for your corporate team day or personalised event.