Live Audiovisual DJ

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Live Audiovisual DJ
Reasons to book this audio visual DJ
  • Presenting a new music show with his interactive instrument is the perfect entertainer for all events looking to wow their guests

  • Generating a complex series of sounds that are associated to luminous movements this is a treat for both the eyes and the ears

  • With a giant LED block for a head this futuristic DJ boasts a vibrant performance

  • Combines the idea of generative music with mesmerising light tricks which mingle with the rhythm of dance music

  • Based in Turin, Italy and available for worldwide bookings

Live Audiovisual DJ videos

Live Audiovisual DJ photos

An Italy’s Got Talent contestant who wowed judges and audiences with his unique form of electronic dance music, this live audiovisual DJ is a guaranteed hit at every event.

Presenting a new music show with his unique instrument that generates a complex series of sounds that are associated to luminous movements. This futuristic DJ combines the idea of generative music with mesmerising light displays that appeal to all the senses.

A fascinating and immersive experience for audiences, this remarkable performer wowed judges and audiences on Italy’s Got Talent with his table jockey performance! Taking electronic music to new levels this out of the box performer is the perfect entertainer for corporate events, private parties, nightclubs, big showcases and any event that desires a unique and futuristic act.

How is the beat generated?

First our DJ has to generate a wave such as a sinuoid. Then he get to work on elaborating the sound which is run on a loop through fingertip control, once the initial sound is created he then starts to integrate other filters and sounds to create electronic dance music.

An expansion of DJing this table jockey uses technology to create music which when coupled with his futuristic appearance creates an exciting performance that excites audiences of all ages. 

Creating an immersive experience that is mesmerising to watch, our table jockey makes exciting music that is perfect for nightclubs, brand launches, private parties, technology events and any occasion that is looking for a unique act to wow guests.

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