Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream NYC

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Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream NYC
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Fantastically fun food related entertainment that will be a hit with guests of all ages

  • Can create perfect ice cream ready for your guests to try in just a few seconds!

  • Not just a delicious treat the whole freezing process is also a visual crowd-pleaser

  • Perfect for weddings, corporate events, festivals & much more

  • Book our liquid nitrogen ice cream makers for events in NYC & worldwide

If you’re looking for a unique act that will impress guests and also invite them to become part of a live experience, book our liquid nitrogen ice cream makers form NYC.

Our professional ice cream makers offer event catering with a difference. Guests can choose from several mouth water ice cream flavors, which unlike traditional ice cream that takes hours to freeze, will be frozen right in front of their eyes with a liquid nitrogen! This amazing process, which sees the ice cream frozen in just a matter of seconds, minimizes the formation of water molecules, creating a richer taste ice cream that is sure to leave taste buds tingling.

Not only does our event ice cream make a delicious treat for guests it is also a visual crowd pleaser, the process is performed at a futuristic LED bar and once the liquid nitrogen hits the ice cream batter atmospheric plumes of fog are released into the air.

A fun form of food related entertainment suitable for events held both indoors and outdoors, you can book our liquid nitrogen ice cream scientists as wedding catering for the drinks reception, corporate events, festivals and much more. There is no limit to their versatility.