Lily Pad Orchestra

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Lily Pad Orchestra
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Incredible lily pad orchestra entertain and amaze guests by performing while floating in colourful lily pads!

  • Unique and ingenious aqua orchestra can perform anywhere there is water

  • Talented Latin orchestra perform scintillating Cuban and salsa music for a relaxed and vibrant atmosphere

  • Perfect salsa band for eye catching performances in lakes, rivers, harbours, marinas and beach parties

  • Fantastic floating band for performances across France

Lily Pad Orchestra videos

Lily Pad Orchestra photos

Book this magnificent lily pad orchestra and give your event a stylish and professional band with a totally unique twist. Our ingenious aqua orchestra play their instruments while floating in water on giant lily pads! This incredible floating band will entertain your guests with a sumptuous range of Latin and salsa music all while floating freely on the waters to create the perfect relaxed and vibrant atmosphere.

Guests will love the unique sight of a talented salsa band performing while floating in a river or lake atop these colourful lilies, and the smooth Cuban and Latin music they perform will set the perfect atmosphere for your event. Book this one of a kind Latin Orchestra for performances at events, parties and celebrations of all kinds and let all your worries float away.

This exceptional aqua orchestra are a stunning sight in their colourful lily pads, performing with their guitars, percussion and brass instruments. Our unique salsa band can perform anywhere there is water so the possibilities are endless. Whether you want a relaxed and refined musical performance with an eye-catching look for a party at a harbour or marina club, a festive accompaniment to a beach party or a memorable private performance in a local river or lake, this lily pad orchestra won’t disappoint.

Nothing compares to the sight and sounds of our brilliant Latin orchestra as they float on a peaceful lake, their blissful music creating a serene and joyful atmosphere. Perfect for any outdoor party, function, wedding or event where you want to enjoy great music under the evening sun. Book our unique and fantastic floating band for the perfect musical performance to create an unforgettable night for you and your guests. 

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