Light Stilt Walkers

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Light Stilt Walkers
Reasons to book this ACT
  • LED colour stilt walkers are utterly unique & futuristically advanced

  • They can change to any colour in time to music or whim

  • Performed at The Royal Courts of Justice & The Royal Albert Hall

  • Previous clients include Sainsbury’s, Mazda, Financial Times...

  • Based in London & enjoyed by all audiences from Singapore to Tuscany

Light Stilt Walkers videos

Light Stilt Walkers photos

This London based Stilt Walking group specialise in creating contemporary spectacle using modern circus style. They have collaborated with The Royal Opera House, The Gandinis, Shunt, Improbable, Aerotech and have performed at The Royal Courts of Justice, The Royal Albert Hall, the Science and Natural History museums, the V&A and all over the world.

Utterly unique and futuristically advanced these costumes have been recently developed with help from The Circus Space and Aerotech to now have a LED colour lighting system. They can change to any colour in time to music or whim with their advanced computer systems.

As a walkabout they are suited to site specifically enhancing your event with any colour available to match your event perfectly, for example leading processions, lighting up spaces and changing focus. Ribbon twirling, feather blowing, flags can be choreographed into the event.

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Photographs by: Eric Richmond

Queens Jubilee
The Commonwealth Games
Esplanade Opening in Singapore
Mazda launch
Financial Times
Channel D in Turkey
Lancôme fashion show
And many more...