Light Painting Act

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Light Painting Act
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Creative light paintings created by two skilled lights painters at your corporate event or product launch

  • Fully customisable luminous art performance needs to be carried out in complete darkness

  • A creative and innovative way to advertise your brand or logo

  • A visual technology show that can create a story based on your brand’s vision or values or any other concept

  • Based in Dubai and available for international bookings

Light Painting Act videos

Light Painting Act photos

Ready for an exceptional visual experience? Then look no further! This Light Painting Act is what you’re looking for. Captivate guests at your event or party with this visual technology show, a luminous art performance in which creativity and technology are combined to create an unforgettable visual experience.

A delight for the eyes, our Light Painting Act is an innovative and creative way to advertise your brand or product. Performed by two skilled light painters with plenty of experience behind them, this luminous art performance can be adapted to suit your corporate event or product launch’s requirements. Our talented painters can display your logo or product’s image in their creative light paintings so the show can be entirely based on your brand.

On top of that, they can create a story in accordance with your event’s theme or your brand’s vision or values. All their creative light paintings can be based on your pictures or in a concept you’d like to share with your guests, potential customers or friends. From Pokemon characters to passionate love stories, these skilled light painters can create a wide range of characters and narratives especially for your event.

This visual technology show must be carried out under complete dark conditions to ensure the creative light paintings have the desired impact. These lights drawings are created with the latest technology available, which allow our skilled light painters to tell a story by using special brushes and flashlights.

The advanced equipment used by these talented stage performers makes every painting gradually disappear while other drawings are progressively displayed. This type of technology crates a visual effect that tricks the eyes of viewers and makes them believe the paintings move.

Are you interested in booking this stunning visual technology show? Provide guests at your event with a visual treat they won’t ever forget by booking this Light Painting Act.

Our fantastic team of entertainment specialists will be delighted to answer all the questions you may have and help you through the booking process.

Contact us today and make your enquiry.