Light Painter Ukraine

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Light Painter Ukraine
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Light painter creates stunning pieces of art out of thin air

  • Taking place in real time watch as our live event artist creates stunning art based entertainment in total darkness

  • A light painting show that is guaranteed to astound and amaze

  • Previous clients include: McDonalds, Cartel, ATK and many more

  • Based in Ukraine and available for worldwide bookings

Light Painter Ukraine videos

Light Painter Ukraine photos

Book our light painter for incredible art based entertainment! Watch as artwork evolves out of darkness as our live event painter creates stunning visuals using only light. A light painting show that will leave audiences astounded by the creations that appear from nothing, our light artist is guaranteed to brighten up any occasion.

A relatively new form of visual art, light painting takes place in real time and is executed in total darkness – using a special canvas our live event artist creates completely bespoke and original pieces of artwork that appear out of nowhere. An immensely effective light painting show that is guaranteed to capture the attention of everyone in the room will astound guests of all ages as artwork is created from total darkness.

An instantaneous art form that only lives in the dark for a few seconds - you really do have to see it to believe it. Our light painter is perfect for corporate events, private parties, brand launches, exhibitions and any occasion that desires remarkable artwork that is astonishing to behold and immensely engaging.

Watch as our light artist creates stunning visuals that glow with green UV light to tell a story, promote a brand or create stunning artwork.

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