Lifesize Elephant Puppets UK

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Lifesize Elephant Puppets
Reasons to book this Animal Themed Act
  • Magnificent lifesize adult and baby elephant puppets that will amaze any audience

  • Manually operated elephants are made to walk around and interact with guests

  • Great for any themed event ranging from wildlife to classic circus

  • Elephant handlers have a variety of costume options to best suit your event

  • Based in Norwich, UK, and available for events wordwide

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Our magnificent and majestic Lifesize Elephant Puppets are a sure way to attract attention and catch people’s eye. These beautifully crafted walkabout elephants are manually operated and able to mimic the actions of real animals. A perfect choice if booking a live animal is not an option, which in most cases, it isn’t. 

Stylised around small-eared elephants from India, this versatile animal-themed act is the kind of attraction that will have children and adults desperate to find out more. Our Lifesize Elephant Puppets are available as an adult and a baby made to scale with real-life animals. 

One of the main advantages of these puppeteered walkabout elephants is that they can be fully controlled towards actually engaging with members of the public. Trunks can be lifted and moved around to be touched by anyone. The life-like elephant puppets are accompanied by costumed handlers which help guide them through crowds and interact with people. These handlers have a variety of costume options to best suit your event. 

Our Lifesize Elephant Puppets have a range of applications for a diverse spectrum of events. They are great for any themed event ranging from wildlife to classic circus as well as a great addition to an Indian wedding. 

If you are looking for an animal themed act to bring a bit of wildlife to your event, contact us at Scarlett Entertainment. These walkabout elephants are based in the UK, but available for events all over the world.