Lifesize Elephant Puppet

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Lifesize Elephant Puppet
Reasons to book this Mechanical Puppet
  • This incredible lifesize elephant puppet is a cross between magical fantasy and whimsical steampunk

  • Brightly-coloured elephant gracefully floats through your event space whilst illuminated by dazzling lights

  • The trunk is able to squirt paint which can be used to paint on a canvas, this can be substituted for water

  • Elephant is operated by two costumed handlers and themes can be adapted to suit your event

  • Eye-catching for themed events, public spaces, festivals, fairs and commercial events

Lifesize Elephant Puppet videos

Lifesize Elephant Puppet photos

As large as a genuine elephant, this wonderful mechanical puppet blurs the lines between fantasy and creative imagination. The Lifesize Elephant Puppet is reminiscent of the huge steam-powered mechanical elephant in Jules Verne’s novel La Maison à Vapeur. Evoking connotations of fantasy worlds the remarkable steampunk elephant is a fascinating attraction that captures the attention of onlookers and creates a genuine buzz at events. 

Amaze audiences with a giant fantasy elephant puppet

The brightly-coloured Lifesize Elephant Puppet gracefully floats through your event space whilst illuminated by dazzling lights. The mechanical puppet is the same size as the giant mammal, but incredibly light, therefore a versatile walkabout elephant that will be able to move from one place to another. The fantasy elephant is operated by two costumed handlers of which costume themes can be adapted to suit your event. 

Steampunk elephant creates unique live art

The mechanical puppet has been engineered so that the trunk is able to squirt paint onto canvas. This is fantastic for creating live pieces of art at your event. Several real elephants have been known to actually paint abstract paintings and this is a great way of reenacting this. The art can be customised with colours of your choice to match a brand or event colour scheme and finished paintings could be auctioned off for charitable events. A fun option is to substitute the paint for water to splash your guests.

Walkabout elephant is fascinating for all ages

The Lifesize Elephant Puppet has mass appeal meaning both children and adults will be taken in by this magical being. Whether booked as part of a parade, live painting exhibition, steampunk event or fantasy themed event, this walkabout elephant will always be a highly memorable part of the event. 

Based on Canada, the mechanical puppet is available for events all over the world. Speak to our multi-lingual team to book the act for your event.