Levitating Street Performers

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Levitating Street Performers
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Incredibly unique act is certain amaze and confound guests at your event

  • Professional street performers levitate whilst dressed as a range of themed characters

  • Fantastic interactive entertainment that will be popular with all ages

  • Ideal for festivals, themed occasions, parties, exhibitions, corporate functions, etc.

  • Living statues available to hire for events in Modena and across Italy

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A truly astonishing performance that is guaranteed to turn heads and draw crowds at your special occasion, our brilliant living statues supply one of a kind interactive entertainment with their extraordinarily unique act. Professional street performers, these talented artists will delight and astound guests of young and old alike as they levitate in the air, defying the laws of gravity and creating a fascinating visual spectacle whilst dressed as a range of themed characters.

Street theatre at its finest, this exceptional act will have everyone at your event doing a double take as they notice the living statues floating in mid-air without any apparent support. Trying to figure out whether this is an optical illusion, a clever feat of engineering, or simply a stunning phenomenon, guests will be drawn to our themed characters out of natural curiosity and a childlike fascination for the fantastic, with our wonderful street performers bound to be a highlight of your special occasion.

A completely static performance, our unique act is available with a range of costumes to tie in with a multitude of themes and event types. Offering captivating portrayals of genies, postmen, Buddhist monks, Father Christmas, medieval priests and more, our superb performers are sure to make it an unforgettable occasion. Interacting with passersby and handing out cards of wisdom with enlightening messages written on them, our living statues will put smiles on faces and bring an element of magic and wonder to any event.

The perfect way to ensure your guests leave with lasting memories of the whole experience, our levitating themed characters are ideal for festivals, private parties, exhibitions, themed events, ceremonies, product launches, corporate events and more, and are available to book for events in Modena and throughout Italy.

Leading global specialists when it comes to all things entertainment, at Scarlett Entertainment we can supply you with fantastic acts for private and corporate events around the world, with options available to suit all occasions, themes, and budgets. For more information on the interactive entertainment choices we can offer, plus much more besides, contact our dedicated team of co-ordinators today.