Les Dames Stilt Walkers

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Les Dames Stilt Walkers
Reasons to book this walkabout Entertainment
  • Classy and chic female stilt walkers that will guaranteed to turn a lot of heads

  • Engaging and interactive walkabout act accompanied by a tricycle that plays music

  • Ideal for events with a Parisian, vintage or old-fashioned chic theme

  • Use for city festivals, promotional activities or unique walkabout entertainment

  • Based in Central France and available for events throughout Europe and further afield

Les Dames Stilt Walkers photos

These chic, classy and wonderfully classic female stilt walkers are guaranteed to turn heads. They evoke connotations of Parisian elegance and some vintage chic. The stilt walkers' beautiful costumes and engaging walkabout entertainment make them ideal for a wide range of events throughout France, and beyond. 

Attention-grabbing walkabout Entertainment in France 

The stunning female still walkers are visible from far and wide. Their vibrant red, white and black colours run throughout their costumes and are even more attention-grabbing with classy accessories. The walkabout act is accompanied by a floral tricycle that plays music from an in-built soundsytem. Both visually and sonically attracting, this walkabout act guarantees to get the attention of passers-by. 

The friendly and eye-catching female stilt walkers are a great form of interactive walkabout entertainment in France and throughout Europe. The stilt walkers like to engage with their audience whether it is handing out flowers, encouraging dancing or posing for photos. 

Fabulous female stilt walkers with eye-catching costumes 

Dressed head-to-toe in fabulous froques, Les Dames Stilt Walkers’ glorious costumes are themed around the slightly naughty side cabaret, however, the corsets can be covered for slightly more sensitive events or audiences. They're a great choice of walkabout act for any event with a vintage or old-fashioned chic theme. 

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