LED Winged Stilt Walkers

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LED Winged Stilt Walkers
Reasons to book this LED act
  • Magical glowing stilt walkers boast stunning winged costumes equipped with colour-changing light bulbs

  • LED Stilt walkers offer a fully interactive act that guarantees lots of photo worthy moments

  • Loved by people of all ages, this stilt act adds a stunning visual element to any occasion

  • Perfect meet and greet entertainment for festivals, shopping malls, street celebrations, Christmas markets, themed parties, etc.

  • These LED Winged Stilt Walkers are available for hire in Germany and worldwide

LED Winged Stilt Walkers videos

LED Winged Stilt Walkers photos

Illuminate your event with these stunning LED Winged Stilt Walkers, a duo that makes heads turn skywards wherever they go. 

When LED technology and circus meet 

Blending circus and LED technology, these glowing stilt walkers have created an act that is both eye-catching and futuristic. Perched atop high stilts, our performers add a stunning visual element to any celebration. 

Equipped with colour-changing light bulbs, our LED stilt walker’s wings bring light and colour to your event. Creating a magical atmosphere around them, these enchanting characters are guaranteed to captivate people of all ages.

Meet and greet entertainment that stands out

Stationed at the entrance of your venue, our LED stilt walkers can welcome guests at your event. A popular meet and greet entertainment option, they can also interact with your guests in many other ways. 

Boasting gorgeous costumes and make-up, these glowing stilt walkers offer a fantastic photo opportunity. Friendly and playful, they will encourage people to approach them and pose for photos. 

Stilt walkers for hire are the perfect choice for a wide variety of occasions including festivals, shopping malls, street celebrations, Christmas markets, themed parties, etc. Whatever the occasion, our performers will sure leave lasting memories!

Stilt walkers for hire 

Request further details on this LED Winged Stilt Walkers and other stilt walkers for hire by contacting us. Explore more about meet and greet entertainment by exploring our global roster.