LED Wing Dancer Canada

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LED Wing Dancer Canada
Reasons to book this glow performer
  • Our beautiful LED Wing Dancer Canada delivers a mesmerising and enchanting performance

  • Live dance entertainment perfect as an opening act, after dinner entertainment, or an ambient mix and mingle dancer

  • Our glow performer’s lights can be made to shine in a range of different colours to reflect colours of a theme, brand or launch

  • Can perform bespoke choreography for events to perfectly suit your theme, audience and venue

  • Based in Quebec, Canada, our LED dancer is available for international bookings

LED Wing Dancer Canada videos

LED Wing Dancer Canada photos

Emerging from the darkness like an exquisite otherworldly creature, our LED Wing Dancer Canada spreads her beautiful twinkling wings for a mesmerising and enchanting performance. 

Perfect as an opening act, after dinner entertainment, or as stunning visual entertainment as guests mingle, our graceful glow performer will perform an expertly choreographed dance showing off her bespoke LED wings. 

Dressed in a sleek white costume, this elegant and sophisticated live dance entertainment is wonderful for high-end and grown-up aesthetics such as white party themes, as well as fantasy-themed events.  

Able to glow in a range of different colours, this unique act creates a wonderful spectacle that can be tailored to reflect colours of a theme, brand or launch.

Guests will be held captivated by our glow performer as she flutters with a thousand twinkling lights across your stage or venue. A beautiful photo opportunity, guests will delight in meeting our glowing LED dancer after her performance to marvel at her bespoke wings up close. 

Especially effective at night, in low light, and even outdoors, our LED dancer’s stunning wings will illuminate your venue for a magical glow. 

Soft and romantic, this LED dancer is a lovely option for weddings and other special occasions as well as corporate entertainment. Specialising in bespoke choreography for events, our artists will deliver the perfect show every time. 

Scarlett Entertainment offers a huge range of glow performers and LED dancers to perform live at events across Canada, the US, South America and beyond. Discover our shining live dance entertainment soloists and troupes that can put together bespoke choreography for events and deliver high-impact performances.

To book our majestic LED Wing Dancer Canada for your next special event, get in touch with our team of Entertainment Experts who’ll be happy to advise on all of your live dance entertainment queries.