LED White Stilt Walkers

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LED White Stilt Walkers
Reasons to book this LED walkabout act
  • Luminous white themed characters with LED costumes and masks fills any room with their presence

  • Can pose for pictures, hand out samples of products or simply encourage guests to dance and enjoy themselves

  • White themed character’s LED costumes and masks have a greater visual impact under dim light conditions

  • Perfect mix and mingle entertainment for themed events, nightclubs, VIP parties, parades, etc.

  • These LED White Stilt Walkers are available for bookings in Trieste, Italy and worldwide

LED White Stilt Walkers videos

LED White Stilt Walkers photos

Illuminate your upcoming big event or celebration with the bright presence of these LED White Stilt Walkers, luminous white themed characters that are visually captivating.

Adding fun and excitement to any celebration, our white themed characters bring light to any occasion. Perched on high stilts, our LED stilt walkers stand out from the rest catching everyone’s eye as they roam independently through the crowd.

Happy to adapt to every client’s brief, our stilt walkers can customise their LED walkabout act to suit your needs. An in-demand meet and greet act, our LED stilt walkers can also roam around your venue interacting with people, posing for pictures, handing out samples of products or simply encouraging guests to dance and enjoy themselves!

Interacting with everyone they encounter on their way, these white themed characters will quickly become the talking point of your event. Their energetic and playful LED walkabout act is guaranteed to leave lasting memories!

Especially suitable for dark environments, our white themed character’s LED costumes and masks have a greater visual impact under dim light conditions. Able to perform their LED walkabout act both indoors and outdoors, our performers can adapt to many different spaces.

A popular mix and mingle entertainment option, our glowing white themed characters are ideal for events such as VIP parties, nightclubs, parades, brand launches, promotional events, and many more! Perfect for themed events, our walkabout characters can fit to multiple event themes.

Top Tip:

If you would like to find out more about stilt acts offered by these performers, watch the video above. You can also check their LED White Stilt Gentlemen page.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a wide range of mix and mingle entertainment for events and occasions in Italy and all over the world.

Book these LED White Stilt Walkers by contacting us today. Our in-house team of Entertainment Experts will be more than happy to answer all the questions you may have about this LED walkabout act and guide you through the booking process.