LED Video Mapping Show

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LED Video Mapping Show
Reasons to book this video mapping show
  • Visually stunning act brings stages and architecture to life by merging video mapping and dance

  • Award-winning team of designers merge Hollywood level digital animations with dynamic movements and optical illusions

  • Show blurs the broders between reality and virtuality and can be fully customised to fit your theme of meet your needs

  • Perfect live stage entertainment for after dinner experiences, galas, dinners, opening acts, award ceremonies, etc.

  • This LED Video Mapping Show is available for bookings in Austria, Europe and worldwide

LED Video Mapping Show videos

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An award-winning cross-media team based in Vienna, these LED technology and projection mapping professionals are guaranteed to make your event a memorable occasion with their LED Video Mapping Show.

Blending two types of technology, our designers create audiovisual installations and bring stages and architecture to life. An immersive video mapping show that always has a massive impact on audiences, this original concept merges Hollywood level digital animations with dynamic movements and optical illusions.

An immersive video mapping show that can be fully customised to fit your theme of meet your needs, this act blur the borders between reality and virtuality!

Our experienced professional team consists of set and stage designers, 3D artists, motion designers, graphic artists, sound designer, choreographer, costume designers, make-up artists and media technicians. This group of audiovisual experts has joined forces with and LED dance troupe, actors and parkour artists in order to deliver an utterly unique live stage entertainment experience.

With a remarkable list of previous clients, our video mapping experts and LED dance troupe has delighted audiences with this immersive video mapping shows at numerous exhibitions, conferences, corporate events and TV shows. Combining their passion for story-telling with their talent for projection mapping and dance, they generate stunning projections and graphics.

Well suited for a variety of occasions, this spectacular video mapping show is a especially popular live stage entertainment option for after dinner experiences, award ceremonies, galas and opening acts. LED video mapping is also an innovative way to launch a product or a brand or convey your business’ story or values in an original manner.

Top Tip:

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Scarlett Entertainment offers a wide range of video mapping shows for events and occasions in Austria, Europe and all over the world.

Book this LED Video Mapping Show today by contacting us. Our in-house team of Entertainment Experts will be more than happy to answer all the questions you may have about this immersive video mapping show and assist you in the booking process

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