LED Tron Show India

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LED Tron Show India
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Dazzling Tron Dance Show will amaze audiences with incredible LED technology and electrifying dance routines

  • Amazing LED dance act uses full body LED suits and state of the art video mapping to create stunning displays to wow any audience

  • Recreate the sleek neon look of the popular Tron franchise or create your own theme with this customizable Tron dance show

  • LED show perfect for incorporating your latest product of corporate logo- Tata Sky, Montana, Wow and the Delhi Government are just a few past clients

  • Brilliant LED dancers available for events all across India

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Book this incredible Tron dance show for a dazzling and high octane dance show that will leave any audience stunned. This incredible LED Tron show is a cutting edge dance act with a unique look performed by our talented and exuberant dance crew who have wowed audiences all over India with their high energy routines and sensational LED costumes. Our LED dancers perform against a totally dark background, allowing their full body LED suits to switch on and off to give the illusion of our dancers disappearing and reappearing instantly.

This thrilling LED show has a huge range of possible themes and applications and can be totally customized to suit your event or corporate theme. Book this magnificent LED dance act and give your audience an unforgettable thrill that will be the highlight of any event.

Our incredible Tron dance show recreates the sleek neon look of the popular Tron franchise through state of the art LED body suits and video mapping, allowing our LED dancers to form incredible shapes and images with their illuminated bodies. This colourful and exciting LED Tron show is perfect for making a big impression on audiences at stylish modern events and parties. The Delhi Government, Tata Sky, Montana and many more major companies have already been dazzled by this top quality LED dance act.

Our sensational LED dancers perform a range of amazing acts including a popular Bollywood themed dance and unique Japanese costumed routine that’s sure to catch every eye. This LED show also uses high quality video mapping and can create customized massages on the stage which our dancers incorporate into their routine for a powerful display of your corporate logo or latest product.

Scarlett entertainment features a great selection of LED and glow acts for events worldwide.

To book our LED Tron Show India or another fantastic act contact our team.

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