LED Transformerbot

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LED Transformerbot
Reasons to book this ACT
  • 11ft tall roaming robot equipped with the latest LED technology for a WOW factor roaming act

  • An LED and glow act that can performs as a walkabout performer for the best in stilt walking entertainment

  • Futuristic entertainment will mix and mingle with guests creating engagement and drawing crowds

  • A brilliantly crafted stilt act available for your next private party, shopping centre performance, and more

  • Hire LED robot stilt walkers for booking across the UK and events worldwide

LED Transformerbot photos

Amazing LED and glow act complete with built in sound effects. Our 11ft roaming robot comes equipped with custom made skywalker stilts too. Our entertaining Transformerbot will tower over your guests and perform futuristic dance act moves throughout your event. Our amazing futuristic entertainment option is ready to be the life the party. LED robot stilt walkers will engage and interact with guests providing an endless amount of entertainment. Guests will have many photo opportunities with our talented robot stilt act as they light up the room with their high-energy performance.    

Our roaming robot has made appearances on TV and has taken the club scene by storm highlighting each event with beautiful colour precision to fit your event's mood. With built-in stomping sounds, our LED robot is also a great choice for daytime performances proving just how versatile and customizable our act can be. Our brilliantly crafted robot is also available as a solo act but is best seen as a pair to fully emerge your guests in their futuristic playground.  

LED robots will make for amazing entertainment for your next shopping centre performance, corporate events, private parties, club appearances, and much more. Our fantastic LED and glow act is ready to make your event a fun-filled experience that will create unforgettable memories and topic conversations. 

Scarlett Entertainment is here to provide the best in futuristic entertainment and with our famous LED Transformerbot you can't go wrong when putting together a memorable event that caters to your themes and vision and will leave your guests breathless and captivated. If you're interested in further booking information, get in contact with one of our lovely entertainment specialists who are more than happy to assist you in finding the best entertainment for your upcoming event.