LED Tetris Men

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LED Tetris Men
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Extraordinary LED Tetris show performer by futuristic LED dancers

  • High energy, visually captivating LED entertainment with a WOW factor

  • Masterful performance also uses a variety of LED props

  • Vibrant entertainment to leave a lasting impression on your guests

  • Based in Ukraine and available all over the world

LED Tetris Men videos

LED Tetris Men photos

If you are looking for LED entertainment with a WOW factor to blow your guests away, then look no further than our incredible LED tetris men. The sensational, breathtaking LED dancers have created a routine that is out of this world. The LED Tetris Men provide a visually captivating, high energy dance show that uses the latest in LED suit technology and several other LED props along with an uptempo backing track and a smoke filled stage.

The electrifying performance by our LED dance is at a constant high pace and is a colourful display featuring a choreographed dance routine and superb skills with LED props. This breathtaking LED entertainment will leave lasting impression on your guests and it is bound to the highlight of your event.

Using the latest technology the LED dancer’s suits feature LED light modules that are each individually programmed and will synchronise beautifully with the music. The LED tetris men are obviously based on the iconic block computer game and the suits are a fantastic homage. There is a point in their performance where the LED dancers will stand alongside each other and sequences will take place across all their suits depicting scenes from the video game! The dance show is a constant barrage of amazement with fantastic LED programming, well choreographed dance moves and mind blogging spinning skills.

This non-stop LED entertainment dance show bonanza will dazzle audiences the world over and have a dramatic impact at multiple types of events.

To book our Dance show featuring the latest in LED entertainment, contact our team of entertainment specialist at Scarlett Entertainment.